Friday, April 13, 2007

Come out and play! it's spring?

Looks like we might actually get one this year... this means rides are happening.

Seriously. The Tuesday night rides from the Snelling NOW bikes have been happening. Go check them out. I've been wussing out for a variety of reasons - weather, icky migraines...

9am Saturday morning rides the Snelling NOW bikes are also happening. These 2 rides are open to anyone, not just team members... so come join us!

For team members only, we will be doing skillz clinics--4 sessions:
  • April 17th

  • April 24th

  • May 1

  • May 8th.

These start at 6pm from the NOW bikes on Snelling. These are skills clinics, so it is important to go to all of them.

And OPUS starts soon.... MCF would know all about it. Want a preview of what racing at OPUS looks like? Bella Maria will be racing with the UMN, at a collegiate crit this Sunday Monday. Details here.

Also come join the Bellas at the IronMan on April 29th. Sounds like we're gonna be doing the 65 mile loop. All are welcome... but details TBA.


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