Saturday, April 07, 2007

soft core derbying

Today, MWCMR held their bike racing clinic. In my caffeine-less haze, got there 1.5 hours late, I saw Bellas Grieber and Kate.... anyone else? After a couple hours of classroom time (complete with coffee and tasty scones!), we broke off into 3 groups and worked on some skillz. We worked on our pacelines over to the park, where we worked riding shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to hip, and rubbing tireds... then... we capped it off with a softcore derby (thanks, buzzard!).

What makes for a softcore derby? Well, there was no blood spilled. Hrm... I don't know.. but... the derby involved a lot of women, on some very sexy bikes, riding around in a circle trying to knock each other out of circle or to the ground, or just make someone put their foot down.

Buzzard knocked me in the hip pretty good. GW Sara caused mayhem by randomly track standing in the middle of the circle. The sewer grate caught one rider's wheel and took 'em out.. and I finally got out of there... because the circle got too damned small, I got too squirrely, and put my foot down to make s sharp turn... DOH!

Thanks to MWCMR for holding the clinic... and it rawked seeing so many people out despite the weather...

That's about it... Gotta go be social-able now. And hit up the grocery store for my annual Cadbury creme egg.


At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang, I missed the derby!

Years ago 'back in the day', there used to be an open game of bike polo down at Ft. Snelling. Wiffle balls and bats. A heck of a good time early fall playing past dark.



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