Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oakdale Duathlon by Nikki

OK - only because Marjie has been trying to get me to post more on the boards and because I felt compelled after Rocker's report (although, please note that I do not intend to be as creative, thorough, or as insightful as Rocker, so read with caution)

I did the Oakdale Duathlon on Saturday.  The best thing I can say is - gorgeous day!  Okay, so I've been out of practice lately and it's easiest for me to blame it on my family and work (mostly work), so I will...

Anyway, my attitude about it was that I was happy to have my registration for the event force me out to run and ride and my goal was to simply finish the race.  (I know eventually in my humble and modest career, I'll have a DNF on record, but I'm trying to lessen my chances).  I also didn't want to hurt anything....

All that is easier said than done.  I have realized since I started racing two years ago (I lost my virginity at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in '05) that I have a mean competative streak - not mean to the other riders - mean to myself.  And I think Marjie helped me realize that in a recent email to me asking, "How did "taking it easy" while racing go?  Is that hard, or what?"  The answer is - yes...I found it's difficult to see the person ahead of you and not think, "I can take em"...but I digress...let me start from the beginning.

The surroundings were beautiful at the Lake Elmo Park.  Packet pickup was a snap and access to the t-area was a breeze... Was super comfortable with my placement on the rack and set up fine.

So, I just finished my latte, chatted with my friend about the vaca we want to take (www.templetotemple.com) and counted the minutes to start.

Soon we meandered over to the start line, but where was it?? Herds of people were walking to and fro....half thought it was here and half thought it was there.  So, with my wave supposing to start at 9:06am, I didn't press start on my hr monitor until around 9:19.

Started the first 3 mile run out strong (mainly to get out of the way of the faster people), but soon slowed down and bid my friend goodbye (she's been much more dedicated than I have - but she's also signed up for Grandma's half marathon).  The rest of the first three miles were okay - bearable, but I was super excited to see my beautiful bike in the transition area again!!

I love to ride!  Can sit on my ass and pass the same people that had just kicked my ass on the run.  But, I'm still not as fast as I used to be and averaged around 17 mph.  Course was fine - more hills than I guess I expected, but maybe I was just hopeful for a flat path due to my rustiness.  The last highway road needed some repairs though. As I was riding into the park once again, dreading the last three mile run, starting to weep my goodbyes to my blue Trek, I had the priviledge of being greeted by some bald eagles above.  Pretty park...

The last three mile strategy was to "jog" the flats and the downhills and to walk the uphills....sound strategy!  I find that I'm not nearly as competative on my feet as on wheels!

Anyway, that's enough to give you a rough idea of the morning. Otherthan the starting line issue, it was a fine race.  I'd do it again.

I had another celebratory Caribou Coffee (did I mention my addiction)and a quick stop at Old Navy (stink and all) before treking home to Lino Lakes for the rest of the day.

Okay - maybe I was more creative and thorough than I thought I'd
be,but Rocker was still more insightful and inspiring!

I guess my proudest moment though, wouldn't be on race day, but a
prior when my 4 year old son explained to me the difference between
duathlon and a triathlon....*tear*...*sniff*....I'm so proud!!!
wait for his training wheels to come off and his swimming lessons
paying off - cause he already did his first 1/4 mile!!  :) (I'm so
going to be a stage mom - aren't I?!? Yikes!)

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At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always think it's cool when a kid learns about sport from MOM!! Way to go Nikki!


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