Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ooooo... shiney..

Yeah... the trainer ride was part baby shower... and that was full of "ooooo! cute!" as expected. But... let's not forget... "oooo... SHINEY!... and cool..!" See.. in the back of the Arden Hills Now Fitness location, they've got Tacx trainer system, complete with big screen TV and virtual reality (haven't heard that term since 1999, eh?) simulator hooked up. All of us got to try both the Real Life Video and the Virtual Reality Terrains. Both were wicked fun. The Real Life video definitely had the better graphics.. but it lacked the steering function that the Virtual Reality Terrain had.

I'm even pondering trying to sneak in early next trainer ride, so I can set -my- bike up on the trainer and hog it the WHOLE time.

Seriously, this could be a DDR-like addiction for bike geeks...


At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DDR! Dang, why isn't that in my training program?! I was thinking of trying BMX, but DDR sounds way hipper.


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