Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oct 14 & 15

Spirit Mountain CX and Alan Factory Cup CX.

Spirit Mountain, Duluth, MN
Looking at the results, it looks like not too many people showed up at this one. In fact, only one woman raced cat B.. and they were paying out 3 deep. My sources were bummed they didn't choose to suffer an extra 15 minutes for the moooonAY. A source also told me, it was a wicked fun course, but the cold air turned your lungs in to crystal brittle bits. ouch!

But... VB's own Barb Harick took 1st in Cat C women's. rawk on.

Alan Factory Cup CX.
Big turn out for this course, right smack in the middle of Minneapolis-- lotsa racers, lotsa spectators, lotsa people wandering through. Put on by Team Alan, who have also been producing wednesday night CX clinics on Boon Island. This allowed them to create a fun as HELL course-- twisty, kinda hilly, through the woods, up on the cracked pavement... good times.

In fact, I had a great enough time, to not remember falling, until others have mentioned.. 'hey dude, NICE fall.', or know how I got the scrapes on my left shin or the chain ring bite on my right ankle. Awesome. Everything else hurts too much to notice to small things.

The C race was fun. They did a seperate women's start, 30 seconds after men. There was a small pile up near the beginning at the sharp turn on the downhill. Sorry to the Gopherwheel lady for the snot, but... follow a racer(?) who sounds like a cat trying to hack up a hairball at your own risk. Found the one root sticking out on the dirty climb and got it caught in my wheel... DOH!.. but anyways.. enough not-action-y blogging. All you gotta know... is FUN course on a gorgeous sunny fall day. Thanks to teammate Kristy for coming out and cheering. And hell.. thanks to all the cheerers for being hilarious, snarky, and motivating.

Here's Karla! with a recount of the B action.


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