Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Margot's Orono report

Orono was my first race back since the end of July and I was feeling a bit out of race shape, nervous, etc. But, I guess there’s only one way to get in shape! My plan was to not do what I always do, which is to start out HARD, blow up and then struggle b/c not only was a unsure I could go hard for that long, but also it was very windy w/ lots of drafting potential.

Of course though, luck had it that I got through the sandpile first on the first lap and after yelling out in celebration that I actually made it through I realized that everyone else was piled up, so.....being the smart girl that I am, I kept going, for what seemed like forever, but was only a couple laps...until my scheduled blow up. ;)

But, after seeing Karla fall off the back of the Linda train, I struggled on back up to her and sat on her wheel until I could breath again! Thanks Karla! We pulled on and off, with the help of some B men who are pretty nice about mixing it up with us and then had a weird finish that consisted of us deciding to split the race money and duke it out for fun and then me getting confused about when the finish was and Karla clipping out of her really wonderful SPD pedals. But, hey, it’s not really about the finish, but the journey. I think I’m signed up for more of this madness next week!

Thanks Bellas for being there to race and officiate and make it fun, and thanks to some of the cool Out’n’About guys for feeds. Really, people are so nice and laid back at cross races.


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