Sunday, February 04, 2007

saturday fun times

First the day started with me teaching a spinning class. Always fun. always surreal.

Then I drove over to Now bikes-- Snelling for the Castelli trunk show. Fabulous deals and steals for us... market research for them. We even got a sneak peak at the 2007 women's gear. There was definitely some interesting and styling stuff in the 2007 line. I was by FAR the most excited by the zippers. But, being that I still dress like a 16 year old skater boy and am not shaped like a women's size (but who is really?) someone else (*cough* sheryl, barb, JenG, Kristy, bueller, bueller?) who is less butch than me should blog about it.

But yeah... their stuff is cool. I'm a girl that shops by function/economics, and -then- by fashion.

Picked up a rad orange windproof and water resistant Castelli outer shell that RULED Damn, that thing is warm. I race-tested both the jacket and the giordana lobster gloves at Stupor Bowl a couple hours later. The gloves kept my fingers toasty all race. The jacket allowed me to shed one of my upper body layers. awesome.

So, how does a cold weather wuss dress for this wicked cold ass stuff?
starting at the top.

my head
fleecy hat
snowboarding goggles

my abdomen

tank top
warm-ish pearl izumi short sleeve jersey
rei fleecy jacket (actually made it too warm and added too much bulk. this was removed before the race)
Castelli jacket
Snowboarding jacket
chrome bag with change of clothes and race schwag

bottoms and feet

bike shorts
regular clothing tights
furry on the inside bike tights
craft base layer
khaki pants
aireator socks
smart wool socks (removed to make room to kick ass heat pads)
skate-shoe like bike shoes

The race rawked. Heard today at brunch something like 273 people registered.

I made it to 8 out of... uhh.... 20? stops. 9 if you could standing behind the new guthrie on the river waiting for the start. Being that my goal was 3 stops minimum and 5 maximum. That ruled. I even stayed warmer than I thought I would. Victory is mine. muah. Couldn't have done it alone...

I gotta thank bridget, liz, and danielle for lotsa fun and encouragement. We even made it to the Sunrise, which was by far the stop furtherest south, and even rode back it. Never believe anyone when they say "oh. yeah. sure... we'll just light rail it back in."

Yay to people at palmers with friendly dogs, the nomad and their bananas and sport jelly bellies. The scallywag clubhouse had free coffee, soup, and cookies.. The sunrise had a live cover band, free ice-daquari's at someone's house, no idea what all was at joe's garage, though I know we went, good people at Mackenzie's, and tasty free food at Foundation.


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

thanks for the update! I can't believe you did that - WAY more hard core than me!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Velo Bella said...



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